Document Space

Document Spaces are modular in design, with all the standard web services bound together in one seamless data space.

Document Spaces easily give you the ability to create folders within your data space to store and manage documents of any size and type.

Organize and manage documents easily using modern AI technology inside the management portal.

Private for your access only or public access with or without password protection, share documents easily with others.

Document Space

Document Storage and Management!

Document Types

  • Word Documents
  • Adobe PDF Files
  • Text and Rich Text Files
  • Compressed ZIP files

Take back full control!

   Storing and syncing documents along with social media in the cloud is a huge convenience.
    It lets you easily share and access files from offsite locations anywhere and restore them if something goes wrong.
   You can easily Tokenize (NFT) your documents with a linked blockchain space.

Get Started!

   Create and purchase your Document Space from within our Management Portal website.
    Storage that is offline and secure or online with optional password protection.

Portal Management Website

Document Products

  • Offline Spaces
  • Protected Online Spaces
  • Document Marketplace
  • Offline Archive Vault
Our Services

Our Data Space Types

Each Data Space Type can be easily configured within the portal website, utilizing the pre set options.
Once configured your data space can be put into production quickly.

Get Started

Build Data Spaces

New to Data Spaces? Get involved with our beta testing group for all technology producers.

Need more help?

Our Technology Experts will help you build the right solution or find the right partner for your needs.

How it works

Data Spaces: Connecting to data you can trust

With Data Spaces, We are creating a service platform for data publishing, exchange, and management. Giving data producers and consumers the components to integrate various data sets from multiple distributed owners to gain wide-ranging discovery and access, strengthened sharing and partnership , and improved trust.

  • Data Producers
  • Global Locations
  • Cloud Access
  • Data Consumers
  • Trustworthness
  • Data Discovery

Let's Get Started

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