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   Providing solutions to modern technological problems as well as building a strong technology base for entrepreneurs in the tampa bay area, is at the heart of our company. We listen to the needs of the community. Our management team has vast amounts of experience with technology, business management and product developoment.
   Our in house developed software solutions, can be easily modified and licensed to fit into just about any data based project.

We are a privately held corporation with early seed investment opportunities.

The Data Space Ecosystem

Collaboration with Partners

We provide a set of data driven tools and network connectivity that enable our technology partners to build exciting new data spaces. Our team is constantly exploring the technology to find the best solutions.

Data Space Ecosystem

Our team develops the technology we offer.

Our Data Spaces are designed to give customers the flexibitly to store and distribue all types of digital assets and data.

  • Multimedia Spaces
  • Social Spaces
  • Blockchain Spaces
  • Document Spaces
  • Web Spaces
  • Metaverse Spaces
  • eCommerce Spaces
  • Image Spaces
  • City Spaces

500 tb +

Storage Capacity

100 tb +

Data Distribution

3 k +

Spaces Deployed

54 m +

Stored Files
How it works

Data Spaces: Connecting to data you can trust

With Data Spaces, We are creating a service platform for data publishing, exchange, and management. Giving data producers and consumers the components to integrate various data sets from multiple distributed owners to gain wide-ranging discovery and access, strengthened sharing and partnership , and improved trust.

  • Data Producers
  • NCOG Locations
  • Cloud Access
  • Data Consumers
  • Trustworthness
  • Data Discovery

Let's Get Started

Are you ready for a better, more productive business?

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