Data Space Technology

Data Spaces can be classified into the following exciting domains.

At NCOG Data Spaces, we empower the exchange of data and assets in a secure ecosystem, ensuring complete data sovereignty with each transaction.

From deploying basic web services to hosting private documents on ultra-secure offline storage systems, NCOG Data Spaces is your trusted partner in the digital world.
Data Spaces can be classified into the following exciting domains.

Offline Data Storage

Secure your digital treasures in our private offline data storage spaces, the perfect haven for your exclusive use and peace of mind.

Online Data Storage

Experience the power of accessibility with our online data storage solutions, tailored to connect users and groups in real-time, anytime, anywhere

Data Distribution

Effortlessly share and move your data with our dynamic Data Distribution spaces, expertly crafted for seamless online transfers between users.

Data Spaces

Types of Data Spaces we offer.

Data Space Ecosystem

Steered by innovation, our team crafts pioneering solutions for versatile storage and distribution of digital assets and data.

At NCOG Data Spaces, we're not just providing technology; we're crafting digital experiences tailored to your unique needs

  • Multimedia Spaces
  • Social Spaces
  • Blockchain Spaces
  • Document Spaces
  • Web Spaces
  • Metaverse Spaces
  • eCommerce Spaces
  • Image Spaces
  • City Spaces

500 tb +

Storage Capacity

100 tb +

Data Distribution

3 k +

Spaces Deployed

54 m +

Stored Files

Data Management

Powerful Control Panel & APIs

International Data Space

Experience the global reach of our International platform. We foster trustworthy partnerships, adhering to the IDSA standard to ensure secure, sovereign data exchange. Leap beyond borders with our certification and governance, fuelling businesses worldwide

Data Space Technology Partners

Technology Partners

We support you in crafting the essential applications and components to triumph in your data space endeavors. We illuminate the pathway to onboarding, demystifying the immense value of sovereign data sharing and unveiling the benefits of secure, Trustworthy equitable partnerships. With us, your success in the data realm is not just a possibility, it's a promise.

How it works

NCOG Data Spaces: Your Gateway to Trusted Data.

We're revolutionizing the data landscape with our unique platform, expertly designed for publishing, exchanging, and managing data. Empowering both data producers and consumers, we offer the tools to amalgamate diverse data sets from scattered owners. Experience enhanced discovery and access, fortified sharing and partnerships, and elevated trust with NCOG Data Spaces.

  • Data Producers
  • Global Locations
  • Cloud Access
  • Data Consumers
  • Trustworthness
  • Data Discovery

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